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From: Mike Angelo
Subject: Exploring with Joe - 9This story is fiction and is about the relationship of two young boys,
including their sexual adventures with each other. If this offends you,
or if you are not 18 years of age or older, or if it is illegal where you
reside to read such material, you are to leave now.The story is copywrited, all rights reserved to the author. It may not
be copied or reproduced in any manner without his explicit permission,
the sole exception being its use at Nifty.The story with conclude with Chapter 10.Please allow me a personal note here. In Chapter 8, Bobby was so
overwrought at having to leave he said he “couldn’t live without” Joe,
and Joe immediately became afraid Bobby might think of doing something
extreme. I have had some correspondence on this subject. This is more
common among teens (even preteens) and young adults than many Bbs Pedo Lolitas
Anyone who is led to such thinking in response to any kind of personal
problem or experience should immediately find someone to talk to. If you
know a friend in that situation, you know someone who really needs a
friend at that moment. Be that friend. There is always someone to talk
to - a parent, a teacher, a co-worker, a friend, a counselor. There is a
suicide prevention hotline listed in your phone book. As someone who has
been in that situation, I promise you that there is a way out. You can
find it, and despite how you may feel at the moment, you will find
someone who cares.EXPLORING WITH JOE - 9When school started again after Christmas, it just wasn’t the same. And
I didn’t see any sense in going, anyway, if we were going to move pretty
soon. We’d go someplace else, and I’d have to start all over again, just
like I had to here. Only, in some other place Joe wouldn’t be there.
And there couldn’t be anybody like Joe, because nobody is like Joe. And
I didn’t want anybody else, anyway. Joe was my boyfriend. Just Joe.I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with homework if mom and Joe
hadn’t kept at me. I think mom knew that, because she let me and Joe
work together in my room after school more than before. After our first
pop quiz in history, the teacher Bbs Pedo Lolitas pulled me aside after class because I’d
messed up pretty bad. I just told her I’d try to do better. There
wasn’t any point in explaining anything.Maybe that’s the reason I really lost my temper one day. It wasn’t like
me at all. There is this guy in one of my classes who just rubs me the
wrong way, I guess. He’s always smarting off to people. He interrupts
when you’re talking — sometimes even when the teacher is talking. He
makes fun of people and then thinks it’s funny. I guess it’s his voice,
though, more than anything. He’s loud. It’s like he can’t say anything
without screaming. Sometimes I want to put my hands over my ears, just
to stop it!He’s in my gym class, too, and he’s just the same there, only worse.
When he throws a basketball, he doesn’t want you to catch it; he’s trying
to hit you — hard. He’s always slapping people’s butts with a towel or
pulling somebody’s shorts down. And then Bbs Pedo Lolitas he laughs that donkey laugh.
And he actually tripped a guy one day and made him fall to the floor.
The coach didn’t see, so nothing happened.It was after a gym class in the locker room when I finally had enough of
him. He was making fun of somebody’s little dick. Not mine. He’d done
that once, and I just told him to fuck off. But this kid he he was
making fun of was looking like he wanted to crawl under the bench. I
just blew.”Will you shut the fuck up, asshole? Just shut your fucking mouth!!!”Everybody stopped, and there wasn’t a sound. The reason was that the
coach was right there — I knew it, Bbs Pedo Lolitas
I saw him. It didn’t matter, I just
said it — practically screamed it — anyway. Bbs Pedo Lolitas The kid stood there with
his mouth open, but at least he had shut up. I got three days
detention. The first time I’d ever gotten detention. The coach’s Bbs Pedo Lolitas
was to the room when he told me, and I think he was smiling a little.
That made me feel a little better, even with detention.When I told Joe, he laughed and told me I was getting a dirty mouth. So
I thanked him and told him I was trying my best to follow the example of
my boyfriend.We finished our homework one day when we were in my room, and we were
just talking. Then we got quiet. Sometimes when we were together now
we’d just sit there quiet, not talking at all. That used to be okay
because it felt all right. But now, when we were quiet like that it just
wasn’t okay anymore; we Bbs Pedo Lolitas both knew there was something wrong that we
couldn’t fix.Joe was lying back on my bed, and I was sitting at my desk across from
him. “Bobby,” Joe finally said, “mom said she’s going to get us phones,
one for each of us. They’ll be just for us, and she said we can call
each other as much as we want to — she’ll pay for it. We’ll be able to
talk, Bobby.”"She’s nice,” I said, “and that would be great, Joe. Really. But it
won’t be the same, just talking on the phone.”"I know, Bobby. I know.” He just lay there for a minute, then he looked
over at me and grinned. Oh, oh. “We can always have phone sex.”"What do you mean? What’s that?”"I read about it in some magazine,” Joe said. “It’s where two people
talk to each other on the phone and they pretend they’re having sex. You
know, like they’re doing it together, only they’re each just playing with
themselves.”"That’s not the same thing!” I said. It sounded kind of silly to me.
Well, playing with yourself didn’t, because I did that a lot. But doing
it while you’re on the phone was…silly.”No, it sure isn’t the same thing,” Joe sighed. Bbs Pedo Lolitas “But” — and that grin
again! — “it could be fun.”He held his hand up next to his head, like he was talking on a phone.
“Hello, Bobby? How’s my boyfriend — horny?”I knew mom had just left for the grocery store, but I went over and
closed my door anyway. I wasn’t sure where this was going, but it might
be fun. I turned back to the bed and Bbs Pedo Lolitas held my hand up like a
pretend-phone.”Yeah, stud, always horny for you.”Joe motioned with his head like he wanted me to lie down on the bed next
to him, and then he looked up at the ceiling like I Bbs Pedo Lolitas
wasn’t even in the
room. “Well, sweetheart, maybe we should do something about that.” He
said it in what he thought was a really low, sexy voice, but it sounded
so silly we both started giggling. Joe Bbs Pedo Lolitas looked over at me, frowned, and
motioned to the bed again.I got onto the bed next to him. Bbs Pedo Lolitas
My bed is only a single bed, so there
wasn’t much room for both of us. He scooted over so we wouldn’t touch
each other, but we wound up touching some, anyway.”So, Bobby,” he said, looking up at the ceiling again. “I guess you’re
just home from school, right?”"Um…yeah, Joe. I just got home.” I kept my hand up to my head and
looked up at the ceiling, too.”Might as well get comfortable on your bed, don’t you think?” he asked.
“I’m lying down on mine.” He wiggled around a little, and our hips
brushed against each other, but we pretended they hadn’t. “Man, Bobby, I
came home with a real hardon, too. How about you?”Well, I was hard by now, so that part wasn’t pretend. “Yeah, my dick is
really hard, too.” I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was
rubbing the crotch of his pants. When my hand went down to rub mine, our
arms bumped into each other.”So, I think I’ll just get a little more comfortable,” Joe said. “I’m
kicking off my shoes and pulling these pants down.” And he did, bumping
into me a little when he pushed his pants down to his ankles. “Maybe
I’ll even pull my briefs down, too.” And he pushed his briefs down to
his ankles. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his dick, and it
sure was hard.”I guess I’ll do that, too, Joe,” I said. I hooked the thumb of one hand
under my pants and started to pull, but my briefs started to go down with
my pants. I really had to wiggle around and sit up a little to do it,
but I got them down. It’s not easy to pull your pants down with just one
hand while you’re on the phone.When I lay back down I could see he was slowly stroking his dick, and my
dick jumped at the sight. He had pulled his shirt up high on his chest,
and he was naked from there all the way down to his ankles. When I got
adjusted again, my naked hip was touching his, but we pretended it
wasn’t.I looked down at him, and I could see just a drop of his precum at the
hole in his cockhead. I really wanted to taste that! He moved his hand
down and got it on his finger, then licked it off.”Ummmm, good,” he said. “Bobby, I’m licking some of my precum. Wish you
were here to do it for me. Now I’m rubbing my wet finger over my
nipple. Oh, yeah…”"Yeah, Joe, me, too.” My nipple was hard, and the end of my finger
played with that little nub of flesh.”Nah, Bobby, that’s not you playing with your nipple. That’s me. That’s
my finger playing with it. And now I’m pinching it a little…”I pinched my nipple a little, and I felt it all the way down to my
balls. I could see him doing the same to his nipple.”My hand is moving down to stroke your cock now,” I said, as I moved my
hand down and grabbed my dick. “I’m stroking it real lightly, too, just
like you like.” I could see his hand moving slowly up and down his
dick.”I’m jacking you, too, sweetheart. Bbs Pedo Lolitas
Rubbing my thumb all around your
dickhead. Oh, man, you’re so hard!”I looked down and saw that my thumb was making my dickhead get really
red. Oh, god, it felt so good.”I’m playing with your balls now, Joe,” I said. It was my turn. And my
hand went down to my balls. I could barely reach them while lying down,
but I could run my fingertips over them real lightly. I looked over and
could see his hand playing with his balls. I knew what those fingers of
his were feeling! I knew how soft and warm that skin was! We rolled our
balls around as much as we could for a little bit, and I could hear his
deep breaths. Our shoulders just barely touched now and then as we
moved. I closed my eyes and pretended the hand on my balls was Joe’s.”Oh, Bobby. You know how I love your dick. I’ve got to suck you now,
lover; I want to suck your hard dick.” Joe’s hand moved back to his dick
and started slowly jacking it again.”Ahh….” I sighed, as my hand closed around my dick. It wasn’t his
mouth, but I remembered what his mouth felt like. “Oh, yeah, Joe. Suck
me. I’m sucking you, honey. Tasting your precum.”"Your dick is so hot in my mouth, Bobby, so hot.” He groaned a little.
“Oh, fuck, sweetheart, suck me, suck me harder…” He began to move his
hand a little faster up and down his dick.I copied his movements. “Oh, yeah. Oh, Joe, suck me. I feel it.
You’re sucking my dick, Joe…” I couldn’t keep my hand very slow now; I
just had to pump a little faster.”Suck it in, Bobby! Oh, yeah, god, it’s good! Eat me, Bobby!” I could
see him open his legs a little wider, and he threw one knee against me.
“Suck it suck it suck it….” The bed was moving with our stroking now.
We were bouncing together. His hips were shoving his dick up into his
hand.”Joe, oh, Joe, make me feel it, please suck ah suck ohhhh…” The
feeling hit me in the belly, and I could feel even my hole move! It was
going to happen…”God fuck…oh Bobby…gonna cum…fuuuuuck….uuuuuuhhh….!”I gasped as my insides tightened and my dick pounded into my hand. “Oh
Joe yes Joe yesssssss……”I closed my eyes when the feeling let go of me, and I could hear both of
us panting, like we’d been riding our bikes all day long. Wow. I could
still feel some of the Bbs Pedo Lolitas feeling deep in my belly. And my dick was still
hard. It was sure better than when I jacked off alone! Oh, wow.”God, Bobby,” Joe whispered, and I knew we weren’t playing phone
anymore. “That was so hot. Man! Just think, we can do that whenever we
want on the phone…”"Yeah, loverboy, but we can’t do this,” I said, and I raised up and
leaned into him to lick at the drops of cum on his belly. I rolled them
all around with my tongue, then I moved up to his mouth. We kissed
slowly, licking at the taste of him, our tongues finally resting against
each other. I breathed Bbs Pedo Lolitas
in his sweet breath before I rolled back from
him.”I guess I could bottle my cum and send it to you,” Joe said, with a
really serious look on his face. “Then you could eat it when we’re done
on the phone.”I poked him in the side, and we laughed. He kissed me on the cheek, and
we pulled our pants up and just lay there next to each other quietly for
a while. There’s nobody in the world I would rather lie quietly with
more than Joe.The next Friday when I stayed overnight with him, we tried to pretend
that nothing had changed, that nobody had ever said a word about moving.
But our shower was real slow. We hadn’t peed on each other for a long
time, and when he pulled me into the shower without peeing at the toilet
first, I wondered if that’s what he wanted to do.As soon as the water was nice and warm, we stepped out of it, and he
turned and pointed his dick at me. He grinned as I got the idea and did
the same thing. He started before I did, and this time his pee hit my
belly. Then I started and got his belly. I could feel his hot pee
running down my belly, onto my balls, dripping off my balls. We began to
swing our dicks around, and we were getting the pee everywhere. Then we
started laughing so hard, we couldn’t pee anymore!”Hey, asshole,” I said. “I’m not a pee tree! Watch where you point that
thing — it’s dangerous! Could drown a guy!”He got real close and put his arms around me, holding me tight against
him. I could feel the rest of his pee then, running out of his peehole
and running down our bellies. So I let the rest of mine go, too. Man,
that’s really weird. But it was kind of sexy, too. I remembered that
the very first time I’d ever seen his dick was when we peed at the pee
tree for the first time.Ever since we found out I would be moving, we did things slower when we
made love. Bbs Pedo Lolitas I don’t think we intended to; it just worked out that way.
It was like we were trying to make everything last longer. Maybe we did
intend to.And when we did 69, we lay on our sides so we could do it real slowly and
for a long time. When Joe brought the lotion, we fingered each other
slowly, too. I wanted him to finger my hole with me on my back so I
could watch him, so he had me pull my legs up and hold them with my
hands. My legs got tired, so I rested them a little on his shoulders. I
just watched this beautiful boy with his eyes on his fingers, moving
around inside me, loving me with his fingers. Every now and then he
would look down at me and smile. And every time he smiled at me, I could
feel my insides shiver. He began to hit my spot, and I had to start
wiggling; I just couldn’t stay still with all the things happening inside
me.I played with his hole while he was on all fours on the bed, and he
moaned and moaned when I kept stroking back and forth across that special
spot. I loved it when his hole would get really tight against my finger,
loosen up, and get really tight again. It was like his hole was sucking
me. I would go fast over his spot for a little bit, then go slow while I
stayed away from it.But I needed him in my mouth. I wanted to taste him. When we sucked
each other off, we did it fast, like we really, really needed to feel
each other explode. He gave me some drops of his, and I moved them
around my mouth, over and over again. He tastes so good. When he sucked
me, it felt like my dick was so big inside his mouth, like it was just
for him, just for Joe. Oh, I wanted so much to be able to give him my
cum! My dick jumped and jumped. Joe was right. It was a great feeling,
a dry cum. The most awesome thing I’ve ever felt. But I wanted so much
to give him my cum.We finally rested, like always, with my head on his chest. Before we
went to sleep, we hugged a lot, a lot more than we usually did. We
couldn’t really pretend nothing had changed. It had.We slept in the next morning, and his mom had already gone to work by the
time we got downstairs to eat some breakfast. While we washed the dishes
I thought about something I’d been wanting to know. I didn’t know if Joe
would mind my asking him, but I decided to try it.”Joe,” I started, “my dad’s not been around a lot for a while, ever since
we moved. But I guess I still love him. Now it will be like living
without him. I mean, Bbs Pedo Lolitas
just me and mom, and I don’t know… Joe, do you
miss your dad?”He waited for a minute before he said anything, and I wondered if maybe I
shouldn’t Bbs Pedo Lolitas have asked that.”I don’t know, Bobby. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? But I’m not sure
if I really remember him at all. I guess I don’t remember him enough to
miss him. Except I do, somehow. All I’ve got is the pictures…” He
stopped for a minute.”Yeah, you’ll tell me,” he said suddenly. “Mom says sometimes that I
look just like him, but I don’t know. I think maybe she’s just wishing I
did, you know? But my aunt says it, too. But you’ll be honest — I know
you’ll tell me. Come on.” And he led me to a corner of the living room
where some pictures were on the wall.I’d seen them before; in fact, Joe had told me about them. One really
big one was of Joe’s mom and dad and Joe when Joe was really little. His
folks were sitting down, and he was standing between them. He’d told me
he was only four, and the picture had been taken less than a year before
his dad was killed.”Okay, you look at him, Bobby. Over here is my school picture from last
year. And you look at that. And then you can look at me. Tell me if
you think I look like him.”His dad was really handsome. He had dark hair, like Joe, and he had a
nice smile, too. Did the nose look like Joe’s? I wasn’t sure. I looked
at the big picture and the school picture and Joe. I looked back and
forth a few times. Well, the eyes were sure the same. He did look like
his dad. This was the way Joe was going to look when he was grown up. I
told him he looked like his dad. Then I remembered something somebody
had said to me once, and I knew Joe would like to hear it, too. And I
wouldn’t be lying, either.”Joe, if I knew your dad but didn’t know you, and you walked into the
room, I’d know you’re your father’s son.”We stood there a minute, then Joe whispered, “I want to look like him,
Bobby. I want to look like my dad.” When I looked over at him, I think
I saw a tear in his eye, so I put my arms around him and hugged him
tight.I felt his arms tighten around my back, and he squeezed me really hard.
He was always so warm. And strong. His hands began to rub my back a
little, and I started rubbing his. He rested one hand down inside my
pants, right against the top of my ass. I rubbed the small of his back
the way he liked, and I could feel our hard dicks pressing against each
other inside our pants.He turned his head to me and kissed me on the cheek. “I love you,
Bobby,” he said, and with the next kiss his mouth opened, and our tongues
met. We kissed deep this time, like we needed inside each other. I felt
his hands move around between us, and he unfastened my pants, pushing
them down past my hips so they would fall to the floor. My hands worked
at his pants.In a minute, our bare dicks were pressed between our bellies, so warm,
surrounded by our skin, Joe’s and mine. His hands moved to hold my ass,
and he pulled me tighter against him as we kissed slowly.The front door opened.It was his mom.We jumped apart and just froze. Her eyes were big with surprise as she
closed the door behind her.”Mom…mom…oh…we, ah…”"I think you boys had better get dressed.”I suddenly remembered I was naked from the waist down! And my dick was
still hard! Oh, shit. Oh, Joe… My face was burning red! Joe looked
grey.”Then you boys have a seat on the couch there, and I think we’d better
talk about this.” She turned and walked into the kitchen. “The power
went out at the office,” she called, “and I’d already taken the car to
the garage, so somebody drove me home…”We’d hastily pulled our pants up and sat on the couch. I didn’t Bbs Pedo Lolitas know
what to say to him. I was shaking, and I think Joe was, too, a little.His mom came back in with three cokes, handed one to each of us, and sat
down in the chair next to the couch. Everybody was silent for a minute.”Mom…you saw…I mean…we didn’t, I mean, I didn’t…”"Joe, sweetheart,” she said quietly, “just say it. Just tell me.”"Well, mom, Bobby and I…you know we’re best friends, but… I mean,
mom, it’s more than that now.” He took a big breath. “Mom, we love each
other, Bobby and me. We really do. We love each other…”"I know,” she said.”Wha…you know?”"Joey, Joey. Of course I know. Do you think I’m blind around here?”
She smiled. “You think I don’t see how you boys look at each other. You
think I can’t hear it in the way you talk about him…and to each other?
You think I don’t know what is happening in my own house?”Oh my god…she was talking about upsairs…she knows…She opened her arms, and Joe just about fell into them. She hugged him.
“Joey, sweetheart. I’m your mother. You think I don’t know my own son?
I love you, Joey, so very much. You’re my life. More than anything, I
want you to be happy. You’re not grown up, you’ve got some growing to
do; but I trust you to know yourself, Joey.”She moved Joe away from her a little and held him with her hands around
his shoulders. “Do you understand, Joey? I trust you.” And she looked
over at me. “And you, too, Bobby.”She opened her arms again, and this time both of us were there. I think
we were all crying a little. I could feel her arms tight around me, and
I knew what she said was true. She trusted us.She let us go, but we stood close to her, and to each other. “You’re
both good boys, responsible boys. And how could I not see how happy you
two make each other? That’s what a mother’s heart wants.”A mother. My mom. I would have to tell her…”Bobby, I think maybe it’s time now for you to talk to your mother, to
tell her. You need to talk to her, Bobby.”I knew that. But I was scared. I could see in Joe’s eyes that he knew
how I felt.”You need to, Bobby,” his mom repeated. “You really do.”As I left their house, my feet were dragging. “Bobby, don’t
underestimate your mother,” she said before she closed the door. It was
a long way home. I felt like I was walking through wet snow, through the
deep end of a swimming pool. I tried to think of things to say. I tried
to practice things to say. But I couldn’t think of a single thing.Before I was ready for it, I was standing at our kitchen door. When I
stepped in, mom was sitting at the table with some sewing. She smiled at
me.”Bobby, you’re a little early. I didn’t expect you until lunchtime.”"Mom…mom, can I talk…to you about…something?”"Sure, honey,” she said as Bbs Pedo Lolitas
she put the sewing aside. She pulled out a
chair for me, but I just stood there. “Bobby, are you all right? You
look…”"I’m all right, mom. Mom, I have to tell you.” But I couldn’t go on. I
didn’t know what to say. Mom sat there, looking at me. I started again.”Mom, it’s me and Joe. When we moved here, you know I didn’t like it,
and then I met Joe, and we started hanging out together.”I swallowed hard and took another breath. I needed to get it out fast
before I couldn’t get it out at all. “And we became friends, Joe and
me, and he’s the best friend I’ve ever had, and…and Joe and I are in
love, mom, we love each other…” I ran out of words.”Bobby, you are so young…” mom said. She hugged me, and I didn’t Bbs Pedo Lolitas want
to leave that hug. “You’re so young, but you’re growing up, and I
haven’t wanted to see that. Bobby, I know. I know about you and Joe. I
understand.”I jerked up straight. “What? You know? Mom, what…how did… Wait,
wait. You said you understand?”"Yes, honey,” she started. “Well, no. I guess I don’t really
understand. What I mean is that you know how you feel, and you’re not a
child anymore. Bbs Pedo Lolitas You’re old enough to know…about how you feel about
Joe. That’s what I understand. And I love you, Bobby. You’re my baby,
but you’re not a baby, are you? No, you’re becoming a fine young man.”"But, mom, how did you know?”"Joe’s mother called me several months ago. That was the right thing for
her to do, Bobby. She told me what she thought, and she came over. We
had a nice long talk about it. In fact, honey, we’ve had lunch together
several times. We both love our boys. And we want them happy. And we
decided you would tell us when you thought it was time to talk about it,
“”Mom, you mean…” I couldn’t really ask this of my own mother! “You
mean, you knew when I go over…” How could I ask my own mother? My
face was burning again.”Bobby, honey,” she smiled, but she looked a little embarrassed about
it. “Yes. I know. And what I also know is that you and Joe are old
enough to…look after each other, to be careful. I know you, Bobby.
You are a kind, gentle, and thoughtful boy. And I know Joe. It’s just
you and me now, Bobby. And I’m glad you have someone like Joe.”Thank god the phone rang before we got back to my overnights. It was
Joe’s mom. Mom told her that it was a good time, then she told me that
they were coming over.When I opened the door, Joe walked in first. I’d never seen his smile
that big. He hugged me, and I hugged back, even though I felt a little
funny now doing it right there in front of our moms. Bbs Pedo Lolitas We went into the
kitchen and sat around the table.”I think maybe this is a good time for all of us to sit down for a
chat,” Joe’s mom said. My mom agreed. We were all quiet for a minute,
then for a little longer. Then Joe giggled a little, and that got us all
laughing.”And we thought we had a big secret,” Joe laughed.”Mothers are mysterious beings, Joe,” mom said, “and you’ll never
understand them.”Things got a little more serious then, and they talked to us about being
responsible, about school and home, about what it means to be concerned
for another person’s happiness, about growing up in a different way than
other boys would. About how we were still boys, still had school, still
had chores around the house. It all made sense. It was all what we sort
of already knew, but I didn’t feel like I was being lectured. I just
felt like…mom loved me.We also agreed that, at least for a while, this would all remain a
secret, at least until we had decided otherwise. There would be a time,
Joe’s mom said, when Bbs Pedo Lolitas we would want to let everyone else know, but it was
up to Bbs Pedo Lolitas us to decide when that time had come.Joe and I had been sitting next to each other, and somewhere in all the
talk we started holding hands.”Well,” Joe’s mom said as she turned to my mom. “Maybe it’s time to let
the boys know your good news.”Mom smiled at me. Then she said to Joe, “Your mother has friends in high
places! Her boss told a friend that I was looking for a job, and he
called me. Bobby, I interviewed a few days ago, and I just found out I
got the job. I start work in an office downtown on Monday.”"That’s great, mom!” I jumped up to give her a hug. “Wonderful!”"I Bbs Pedo Lolitas think I can take a few Bbs Pedo Lolitas
courses, hone my skills a little, and I’ll be
ready to move back in the business world again.”I finally got the whole message! “Oh my god, this means we don’t have to
move, doesn’t it?”"Not to your Grandma’s, anyway. I’ll still have to sell the house, but
we can find a smaller place around here somewhere, a place just right for
the two of us.”Joe was up on his feet, too, grinning. “You’re not going to move!
You’re not going to move!”I was dancing around with him. “We’re staying! We’re staying!”We hugged each other.And there, right in front of our moms, we kissed.——————————————If you have comments or suggestions, I’d like to hear from you.
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